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Wanda Kay's School of Dance

Level Classes 

  • Why are the troupe classes now split into multiple classes?

In order to continue to develop our dancers technique while also creating fun and unique recital dances, we need more time in each class. Wanda Kay’s has been around for over forty years and we want to continue to grow and show how awesome we are! We believe adding extra time will allow our dancers the ability to grow faster and more throughout the year. We have tried very hard to set up the schedule to have all level 1,2 or 3 classes on the same day so that dancers and their families will still only have to come one night for their classes. Extras such as hip hop and lyrical might not fall on the same day, but that is how it has always been. We appreciate your positive attitude as we grow as a studio.

  • what do I take now?

Level one ballet and Jazz are equivalent to Beg. Troupe, Level two Ballet and Jazz are equivalent to Int. Troupe, Level three Ballet and Jazz are equivalent to Adv. Troupe. 

Ballet is required to take Jazz, Lyrical and Pointe. Hip Hop does not require ballet.