Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

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Wanda Kay's School of Dance, Inc. has been teaching children ages 3 & up the joy of dance for over 40 years! We offer a unique dance program in which all students receive instruction in all three major dance forms:  Ballet, Tap, & Jazz.   Developing a well-rounded dancer will help build each dancer's confidence and set them up for more versatile activities such as:  theater, cheerleading, drill team ,etc.

We also offer a variety of add on classes such as:  hip hop, including a boy's hip hop class, pointe classes, and a contemporary/lyrical class.  

In addition, we have a dance troupe consisting of grades 6 and up.  Our Dance Troupe  has been entertaining New Bern for years!  They perform in community events such as the Mum Fest, Town Christmas Parades, New Bern Get Your Color On, & more!

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